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Nationally Recognized Speaker on Talent Attraction & Workforce Retention

"Steve delivered the best presentation about generational management that I have ever attended.  Every manager in the country needs to hear this presentation!" Gary S  Milwaukee, WI

Overcoming Generational Differences

In his most popular keynote presentation, Steve tackles stereotypes and builds understanding between generations through a fun and humorous approach! This presentation will deliver a refreshing perspective and deeper understanding of our generational differences, and foster an engaging discussion to help strengthen relationships and ultimately improve the culture of your workplace.  This session is guaranteed to energize your event and get people talking!

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Attracting Tomorrow's Talent
with Today's Leaders

Talent attraction & retention are more important than ever, and successful teams must attract talent from all generations. This session focuses on management techniques and your company culture.  Steve will discuss ways to engage Boomer and Gen X leadership to create a work culture that is attractive to young professionals.  Learn management strategies you can use immediately to engage Millennial and Generation Z talent and keep them from leaving!  

Next Generation Perspectives:
The Millennial Mindset

While the previous session focuses on managing your company culture, this session is focused on Millennial and Generation Z employees and how young professionals view the workplace.  A proud Millennial himself, Steve offers the perspective of young professionals and what we want from our job, our manager, and our employer.   Steve will discuss how adulthood has changed and we are not defined by our careers, but rather our lifestyles - so how do you manage and motivate someone who may not be as committed to their job as previous generations?  This session will give you the answers!


***New in 2022***
Generation Z: Manager's Survival Guide

Just when we were starting to understand the Millennial mindset, Generation Z has arrived!  With the Boomers riding off into the retirement sunset, Generation X is left to manage an empowered generation of young professionals with a new set of attitudes and expectations about work-life balance and how my job fits into my lifestyle.  This session will compare Millennials and Gen Z, and teach you what you need to know to make meaningful connections with Gen Z - at work and at home!

***New in 2022***
Communicating Virtually Across Generations

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the workplace and 2020 was a huge experiment in working from home.  So if we’re working remotely, does that mean that these generational issues go away?  The issues are still there, but what the workplace looks like will be forever changed.  So what will come back, and what will never come back?  Some bosses are worried their employees may never want to come back!  Eventually we'll find balance again, but in the meantime this session will teach you how to build culture and improve the way you communicate virtually across the generations!


Steve Bench

Founder, Generational Consulting, LLC

Steve is a nationally recognized speaker who has shared his message with audiences across the country, earning the nickname "The Millennial Guy".  Prior to founding Generational Consulting, Steve was program director for Business World where he worked with thousands of teenagers every year and those Millennials have informed and inspired his presentations. Steve will energize your event and get people talking!

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Generational Consulting, LLC

Madison, Wisconsin


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