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Thank you for delivering what I believe is the best presentation I have ever attended. I can whole heartedly tell you that I have a different mindset and outlook after learning more about Millennials and Gen Z through your presentation. I sat my Gen Z daughter down and apologized to her for not understanding how she was feeling when she started to break down into tears. Her response to my apology was priceless… 'I don’t know who this guy is but I want to thank him!'

Cythia De Vor

De Vor,Communications

I’m hearing only outstanding reviews from the conference attendees.  We’ve all heard our fair share of these multi-generation presentations, but your approach is far and away the gold standard.  Very accessible, fun and forward thinking. Truly great!  Thanks for your vision and for coming to the conference!  Please do feel free to share this note with your Mom!

Michael Crotty, 


I have been running programs at our club for about 3 years now, I had more positive comments today than any other speaker we have had and we have had the Federal Secret service, two college presidents, to people doing extreme stunts to raise money (think climbing Kiliminjaro). You knocked it out of the park!

Jeff Iles, 

Iowa State University 

Every manager in the country needs to hear this presentation!  Steve gave me a new perspective on how I relate to my staff - and my kids!

Greg Schaffer,

Ashley Home Store

Heard you last night at the Fairfield FEDA dinner...simply amazing! I'm a "boomer" and SO many things you said made SO much sense! How'd someone so young get so smart??!!! Your energy and presentation were great.  Thank you!!!

Denise Hall,

Fairfield Dental

I have heard many presentations on generational differences but none presented in such a unique, fun and useful way.

Kristina Morgan,


Universally heralded as one of the best presentations in the 62 year history of our conference.  My only regret was I only booked Steve for one session!

Mark Etrheim,

Mastercraft Homes

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