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Gen Z Manager's Survival Guide

Talent attraction and retention are the #1 issue facing employers in 2023, but at the same time millions of young employees are already disenchanted about the workforce and wondering how their professional lives will take shape in the coming years.  An understanding of how to manage each generation at work is fundamentally important, especially with Gen Z entering the workforce in droves. Managers need to provide employees with the resources they need to be successful, and those resources look different depending on my generation and life stage. This presentation improves understanding, provides actionable strategies and techniques, and leaves the audience refreshed and motivated to tackle the staffing challenges we face in 2023 and beyond.   Learn specific techniques to be an authentic leader, find common ground, build trust and loyalty, and improve accountability and commitment. 

Session Takeaways:

  • Capture the Attention of Gen Z & Increase Engagement

  • Learn Methods to Hire, Train & Retain Gen Z 

  • Leverage Gen Z Strengths to Increase Impact

  • Offer Gen Z Approved Resources & Benefits - Professional & Personal

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