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Steve Bench

Keynote Speaker

Founder, Generational Consulting 

Steve Bench is a nationally recognized keynote speaker who delivers presentations and training sessions that offer engagement strategies for attracting and retaining Millennial and Gen Z employees, empowering Gen X management, capturing Boomer wisdom and cultivating future leadership by leveraging the strengths of each generation. 

Steve founded Generational Consulting in 2017 to help companies and organizations better understand generational differences and has since shared his message with audiences across the country, earning the nickname “The Millennial Guy."  Steve has developed a reputation for delivering high energy, engaging presentations that provide actionable strategies and meaningful results.


Steve is also the Creator of "The Pitch!," a visionary 501c3 educational non-profit that is best described as a Shark Tank-style business contest for teens. By nurturing young minds and cultivating their entrepreneurial spirit, "The Pitch!" empowers the leaders of tomorrow to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.  

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Effective leaders realize they have as much to learn as they have to teach, and my students absolutely inform and inspire my presentations on how to hire, train and retain the next generation of talented employees

-Steve Bench

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